Shaws Creek (21 January 2018)

It was a typical, boiling hot summers day, and we decided to check out a local waterhole in the Lower Blue Mountains. The track down to this spot was moderate consisting of fire trail, rock scrambles and a fairly steep descent to the creek. We weren’t sure what to expect, or even sure if there would be water in the creek given how dry it had been over the past couple of weeks.

Fortunately, we were pleasantly surprised; this place was an absolute gem! The watering hole was surrounded by the steep, sandstone escarpment and beautiful tall gum trees. The creek cascades over rocks before finally hitting the widest pool of the creek. This secluded spot was incredibly inviting and was the perfect place for a refreshing swim. The water was cool, and it was easy to feel dwarfed.

The place was teeming with a variety of wildlife including lizards, a variety of water insects, and huge water spiders.


Cascade Hut (26-27 January 2018)

Total distance: 21.32 km
Max elevation: 1791 m
Min elevation: 1457 m
Total climbing: 1484 m

This Australia Day we took a trip down to Kosciuszko National Park for an overnight hike at Cascade Hut. After parking the car at Dead Horse Gap, we made our way along the fire trail which followed a beautiful, meandering creek (Thredbo River). It was a 10kilometre walk out to the hut, passing through an array of different scenery; open plain areas, areas of beautiful snow gums, and a tall wooded forest area.

In addition to the stunning scenery, the National Park area is also known for the wild brumbies; it was easy to see why. Along the trail, there were mounds of horse droppings and we were surprised that we only caught sight of the Brumbies when we were a couple of kilometres from the hut. After setting up the tent, and checking out Cascade Hut, we took a short walk down to Cascade Creek, and it was easy to see why the Brumbies pose such a significant threat to the ecosystem; large ruts in the area close to the creek and areas that has been trampled.

We had in our minds that the Brumbies would be mangy, but they were quite the opposite. They had beautiful shiny coats, and seemed quite curious of the humans, stopping to take a look at us at the campsite.

After a delicious dinner of three cheese tortellini and scrumptious apple pie dessert, we hit the hay, ready for the walk out the following day.

This is an amazing place to visit and camp if you have the time. A great supply of water and even a pit toilet (if you could brave the relentless March flies who took relish In biting humans). A popular spot for bushwalkers and bike riders alike!

Photos from the trip can be found here.

Hanging Rock (16 July 2017)

A great short day walk out to Hanging Rock and Baltzer Lookout. It is well worth the walk out, especially on a lovely day.

We spent a while enjoying the day and watching others walk along the edge & the climbers nearby.

A short video from the day:

And as normal the GPS logs:

Total distance: 11.53 km
Max elevation: 1067 m
Min elevation: 970 m
Total climbing: 430 m

Splendour Rock Dawn Service (23-25 April 2017)

Another splendid 3 days in the Wild Dog Mountains to attend the Dawn Service at Splendour Rock. This time we did it a little different and went Carlons Farm > Black Horse Ridge > Mobbs Swamp > Mount Dingo > Splendour Rock > Wombat Parade (on the east side of Mt Warrigal) > Medlow Gap > Carlons Farm.

Total distance: 30.73 km
Max elevation: 945 m
Min elevation: 300 m
Total climbing: 3486 m
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Sunflower Fields (3 Jan 17)

Having the missed prime sunflowers in 2015 we headed back again this year armed with more information on the prime time to visit. I highly recommend you can sign up to receive the flowering notifications by following the information on the VisitQuirindi website.

This year there were two locations, Dimby Lane & Blackville Road near Blackville.

Splendour Rock Dawn Service (23-25 April 2016)

Total distance: 31.05 km
Max elevation: 934 m
Min elevation: 578 m
Total climbing: 1186 m

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The Basin (13-14 Dec 2015)

Total distance: 5.64 km
Max elevation: 158 m
Min elevation: 3 m
Total climbing: 217 m

Sarah and I camped overnight at The Basin campground. It’s a great little spot (but very popular) with access via Ferry or a short walk in and out via car.

Barenjoey Lighthouse (1 Jan 16)

Total distance: 4.4 km
Max elevation: 122 m
Min elevation: 6 m
Total climbing: 170 m

The Barrenjoey Head lighthouse, constructed in 1881, is found on the Barrenjoey headland. It’s a short uphill walk from the carpark and definitely worth it for the views alone. Lighthouse tours are available on Sundays, run by friendly and knowledgeable volunteers. Highly recommended!

Fun fact: The outside of the lighthouse has never been washed. The wind keeps it clean.

20160110 - Barrenjoey Lighthouse - 1The views from the top.20160110 - Barrenjoey Lighthouse - 10

More photos can be found in my gallery here.